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TL Rentals provide solutions through a variety of channels.

You can contact us directly, use our experienced brokers or visit one of our capital equipment vendors.

Asset Finance Broker

Are you looking for an extra edge in funding to deliver more solutions for your clients? Call a TL Rentals BDM now to find out how we can assist.


If you are looking for specialised tools to boost your sales, call one of our experienced BDMs to find out how rental solutions can help.


Dealing with our friendly administration team is a breeze. We are committed to helping and know how to get things done.

Master Rental Agreement

TL Rentals can provide a Master Rental Agreement (MRA) for peace of mind. We’ll approve you for an overarching limit and then you can simply let us know each time you need a new piece of equipment. This will allow you to continue to get new equipment until the limit is full. As time goes on your limit comes back so you can upgrade the old equipment for new. We can provide limits up to $500,000 with ease and for the right applicants, millions can be considered!

Sale & Lease back

Have you ever purchased equipment for your business then realised you could have used the capital elsewhere? At TL Rentals we understand things change, so even if you purchased the equipment a year ago it doesn’t mean you can’t get that capital back. Sell the equipment to us; we will rent it back to you so you can invest that capital elsewhere, while you take advantage of the potential tax benefits.

Industry Sectors

In short, there is no industry sector we won’t consider. We understand that some industries have inherent risks, but that doesn’t mean that all businesses in that sector will fail. We take a good look at who is running the business, how it is performing as well as how the business is forecasted to perform. We don’t exclude just because of the industry you choose to build a business in.

The Larger Group

TL Rentals is part of a larger group of companies. Not only can we help you purchase the IT equipment through our funding assistance, we can also help you get that equipment at a competitive price and with someone you know and can trust. We can help you acquire IT equipment and then our friends at Computer Care can help with top IT support. These are just a few of the things we can do. Watch this space!

Types of Equipment

Providing businesses with the right equipment is a priority for us and that is why we consider a wide range of assets. At TL Rentals we take the time to analyse an asset’s value. We also ask questions around who your customers are, can the business sustain the rental payments for the full term and if the equipment is right decision for your requirements and business.

White Label Vendor

Do you sell capital equipment and are looking to get a finance partner on board that knows what they are doing? TL Rentals have years of experience in vendor finance programs. If you have a lot of business coming through your doors, we have the ability to brand our products with your logos as a part of our rental program.

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